Intentional Updates: We’re Pregnant! (#OLW2018)

As a follow up to the previous intentional updates, I can’t not acknowledge probably the biggest news of the year for our little family: I’m pregnant!

I’m now solidly in my 3rd trimester with this baby due mid-January; overall, still feeling good and very excited to meet our kid in a few (short) months.

I picked ‘intentional’ this year partly because we knew this was the year we wanted to start trying to grow our family; our life had calmed down somewhat. We were/are finally living in the same place, at the same time, with no impending significant life changes on the horizon; we live in a house and neighborhood we love, are gainfully employed and just felt *ready*.

And now, we’re here, mere¬†weeks away from meeting our baby which is exciting, and crazy, and amazing, and exhausting, all at the same time. As I type, this little peanut I’m growing is kicking like crazy and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to or get tired of this weird and incredible sensation…even at 2:30a in the morning which seems to be a preferred time to get some exercise. This week, I head back to Cincinnati for a shower our families are throwing us and I’m excited to spend an afternoon with so many women I love in one place who are all gathering to support and celebrate our growing family.

We (obviously) really have no idea what’s in store for us but have been doing our homework, taking birth classes and generally preparing as much as it makes sense to (I hear little infants like to run their own show in the first weeks/months). But overall, we’re feeling really *good* about this impending life change, ready and excited to adjust our lives to bring a new one into it and to figure it all out as a family of 3.

Until then, we’re enjoying these last weeks/months as a party of 2. ūüôā

Intentional Updates (#OLW2018)

Earlier this year, I set my word for 2018 as INTENTIONAL¬†for a¬†whole host of reasons. After spending the past couple of years just trying to keep my head on straight, I wanted to be more deliberate in how I approached life this year. My focus has been using my time, words and money more intentionally and, like words I’ve selected in past years, it’s been exactly the right word at the right time.


This year, I gave myself the gift of slowing down. I’ve pared down my extracurricular activities and prioritized¬†the things that bring joy and value to my life. Less time running around, more quality time with family, friends and myself. More time exercising, more time sleeping.

I also quit Facebook this spring¬†which I haven’t regretted for one second. Like most of us, I was spending most of my Facebook time scrolling mindlessly which brought very little value to my life so I downloaded all of my data and deactivated my account. In my post-Facebook days, I have realized that I found out about a lot of events/things to do via Facebook and without it, I know a lot less about what’s happening but right now, I’m okay with that. It means I have to work a little harder to find the cool things to do and I have to be more proactive (ahem, *intentional*) in reaching out directly to friends to coordinate activities.


At the outset, I had meant this to mean reaching out to friends and family more regularly and to be more thoughtful about the words I say to myself and others. While certainly unforeseen at the beginning of the year, I found this reminder very helpful during some challenging situations mid-year in which delicate/thoughtful wording and conversations were key. I’ve been working to strike a balance between audience, content and emotion so that I’m communicating the right thing to the right folks at the right time.


My primary¬†objective here is to spend my discretionary money more intentionally. Instead of shopping for brand new clothes, could I instead shop for new-to-me clothes at the thrift store, Poshmark or Ebay? And while I’ve bought some brand new things, I’m proud that my of my clothes this year have been upcycled from someone/somewhere else. It also meant really asking myself, do I need that (THING) or do I just want it? Most of the time, I just want it and taking the time to really consider it has helped me see this.

Throughout the year, this goal has grown in scope to include also bringing in money more intentionally. Alex and I have a monthly ‘inventory check in’ (borrowed from THIS podcast episode) and during this,¬†we talk about our short and long term financial goals. Most of our friends know that Alex has an impressive side hustle that inspired me to see what small things I can do to bring in some extra cash to help accelerate progress towards our goals. Through watching dogs on and selling clothes/shoes on eBay and Poshmark, I’m bringing in minimum of $150+ extra a month for minimal effort. Not bad!

The other area of intentional focus for me this year has been reducing my environmental impact where possible. I’ve invested in reusable utensils and a metal straw that I keep in my purse to avoid plastic flatware and single-use straws as much as possible. I’ve replaced tin foil on our baking sheets with silicone baking mats, paper coffee filters with a cloth filter, disposable cotton face wipes for¬†reusable cloth face wipes and I try to refill through bulk bin purchases where possible (thank you, Zero Market!). These tiny changes we’ve made have reduced the waste in our house as well as money we spend on single-use items. We’re so far from perfect but I believe these small efforts do make a big impact, holistically (especially if we all made similarly small changes!)

I’ve appreciated the perspective and mindset this word has given me this year and am looking forward to closing out the year with continued deliberate action.

Mid-Year Check In

Hi, hello, howdy. It’s been a minute! As we approach mid-year reviews at work, I thought it was appropriate to do the same in my non-work life.

So what’s been going over here in PetreLand in 2017? Let’s see…

…I cut a bunch of hair off for my birthday. New ‘do for 32!

Birthday haircut //

…we took a French vacation for the second year in a row (and celebrated Alex’s birthday while we were there).

Paris trip 2018 //

…spent some time outdoors with a little brother who¬†isn’t so little anymore.

Hiking with Q //

…celebrated¬†my youngest¬†sister’s high school graduation (WHAT?!)

Graduation 2018 //

…and totaled my mom’s car immediately after the ceremony, short hours before our family hosted a massive graduation party at my mom’s house (sorry, Mom!). Thankfully, no injuries!

Car Accident //

…I sang and danced¬†with my long-distance bestie and Taylor Swift over Memorial Day weekend.

Taylor Swift at Mile High //

…we broke out our tent for the first time this season for some good ol’ fashioned car camping.

Car camping //

And that brings us about up to speed! I’m really bad at snapping photos these days but, whatever. Ya only get one life and I’d rather live mine mostly away from my phone screen.

Overall, the first half of this year has felt really GOOD. Settled. For the first time in a long time – years! – it feels great to be in lock-step with my husband, aligned on our goals, sharing a schedule and a home. I’m excited about this summer season in life – we have plans for family to visit us, for us to visit family, to spend weekends in the mountains, to slow down and savor the moment as much as possible.

I hope your mid-year review turns up several happy memories as you reflect back and start looking ahead to the next several months of 2018.

Gear Review: Outdoor Research Women’s Plaza Vest + Pentane Tights (#ORInsightLab)

This winter has been a strange one in Denver – it’s felt more like spring with mild temps and little snow. So our decision to not get a ski pass this year has felt like the right¬†one with the sporadic snowfalls. Knowing we wouldn’t be spending much/any time skiing this season, I opted to test out the Outdoor Research Plaza Vest¬†+ Outdoor Research Pentane Tights to take along on snowshoe/hikes, bike rides, runs and urban adventures.


Outdoor Research Winter 2018 Review //

Outdoor Research Winter 2018 Review //

Outdoor Research Winter 2018 Review //

I’ve really appreciated this vest through this mild winter. I don’t need much more than a long sleeve shirt, liner gloves and this vest to keep warm. The front and back are insulated with 700 fill down and side panels are a stretchy, breathable fabric so it keeps me¬†snug and happy¬†but not overheating when moving. Both hip pockets include zippers which I love so I don’t loose snack wrappers on a hike or keys while running in the city. There’s an interior zip pocket on the chest and 2 non-zipper, deep interior pockets for even more storage. From a snowy trail to a chilly Seattle bike ride, this vest gets 2 thumbs up.


Outdoor Research Winter 2018 Review //

Outdoor Research Winter 2018 Review //

What drew me to these tights was the reflective pattern printed on the fabric (which is hard to photograph in light or dark!) since it most of my weekday runs are dark after work. These tights are stretchy and breathable, super comfortable and warm to exercise or hike in. The waistband is a softer fabric, rather than stretchy, so can sometimes get a little loose but the drawstring helps keep things in place. They’re a bit short on me (not sure if it’s because I’m a giant or it’s the intended fit) so these hit me at/slightly above my ankle so I tend to pull these out on non-wet/snowy runs. Overall, solid pair of hi-vis running tights.

What I love about both of these items is that they’ll transcend seasons – both will be great for spring running, summer backpacking/hiking and fall camping. They’re lightweight and warm, easy to pack in a backpack or suitcase so you’re ready for adventure¬†as (and when!)¬†you get where you’re going. And great for keeping warm while biking to wineries with friends. ūüôā

Outdoor Research Winter 2018 Review //

Whole30, Round 2

In the vein of being more intentional in 2018, I decided to embark on another round of Whole30 this January. For those new to Whole30, it’s a 30 day stint of clean eating – no processed food, no dairy, no gluten, no added sugar, no alcohol. The goal is to focus on healthy, whole foods in an effort to curb a sweet tooth, reevaluate food relationships, and/or overall, be more mindful of what and how you’re consuming food.

I tried the Whole30 once before and I stopped after 19 days. At the time, I was working from home so found that the focus on not eating out and no drinking was too challenging on my (limited) social life so I prioritized my mental and emotional well being over completing an arbitrary 30 day goal and called it quits early.

This time, though, in a better frame of mind. I (mostly) did it!

I went into this exercise to focus on making healthier decisions vs. curbing sweets or wanting to break bad food habits. My workdays generally consist of me running around most days so I often opt for quick, on-the-go foods or a carry out lunch because I didn’t plan ahead. I know I can – and I want to – make healthier choices with a bit of forethought which Whole30 forced me to do.

whole30-5 //

In the first 2 weeks, I¬†groaned about meal planning and packing my lunch every night, constantly cleaning tupperware and dishes, but it soon became the norm. I’ve also chosen to majorly slow down in my personal life which made it easier to feel less stressed about the additional prep/cleanup I was doing since I’m not running to/from various activities all the time.



I researched dinners I liked that Alex could modify for himself (add cheese, pasta, hamburger bun, etc) and learned to make enough at dinner to bring for several weekday lunches. I had a hot/cold/warm relationship with eggs (so many eggggggs!) and am still obsessed with my go-to salad (chopped romaine, shredded cabbage, chopped veggies, avocado, protein). Sometimes I add O/V for dressing but mostly, I eat a dressing-less salad these days. What?!


I found that making a sheet-tray or two of veggies makes a great carby addition to a meal (sometimes I add to my above salad) and that I really didn’t miss much. Okay, I missed the taste of wine and I certainly missed the convenience of grabbing a quick snack when I came home from work and we hadn’t yet gone to the store but¬†found workarounds. I stuck to my no-alcohol rule at my company holiday party – and no one gave me a hard time! – which felt awesome.

Overall thoughts? (Wrap it up, Petre!) During the month, I slept better, felt extremely hydrated, had efficient and strong workouts, got a complement on my glowing skin (literally, first time ever – my skin is generally unremarkable) and overall felt more pep in my step. I lost ~8lbs of water weight? bloat? Who knows but my clothes fit better and I just feel *good*.

I 100% see the value and encourage you to look into it if you’re curious about making more intentional choices in your diet, too.¬†I won’t be adhering super strictly to whole30 forever but do plan to keep an 80/20 effort – 80% of the time minimizing/eliminating dairy and gluten from my diet and 20% of the time enjoying a glass of wine, pizza with friends, a Christmas cookie (thanks Dad! Finally broke into ’em this week).

(Closing out as I finish the last sip of a tasty glass of wine. Cheers to you!)

2018 One Little Word: Intentional

Several years ago, I started selecting a word for the year to use a a guide for the upcoming days and months ahead. In the early days, it was a reminder to have PERSPECTIVE through wedding planning (shoutout to 2012!); followed by: CREATE, FOCUS, LIGHT, RESILIENCE and INSPIRED.

Last year’s word, INSPIRED, was the right choice for how I felt, though, I wasn’t in the right headspace to be able to act on it as I expected last January. I’ve belabored the point here – and I swear I’ll move on! – but I was just trying to keep my head above water! 2017 was the year of flailing through the water, half tread/half breast stroke, trying desperately to get to the wall to get a grip and catch my breath. I¬†wanted ‘inspired’¬†to keep me looking up,¬†to remind me to actually swim and not just tread, through the tumultuous political climate and the¬†cascading transitions in my personal life; and it did but in a less splashy way.

Europe Vacation //

It’s been moments of inspiration, instead. In the back half of the year, and specifically the last several months, I’ve prioritized reading books that excite me, listening to meaningful podcasts. I worked with a stylist to help up my fashion¬†sense and I’ve started exercising regularly again.¬†I’m even taking the time to cook which…is not a thing I’ve ever really enjoyed or have been good at (these things are related, I think). INSPIRED is alive in well, even if¬†it means smaller gestures than I planned.

This year, in the *right* headspace, my word is INTENTIONAL. I want to be more deliberate in a few key components of my life like:

How I spend my TIME: At a high-level, prioritizing the people and things that bring me joy and further my growth as a human vs. cramming another activity or event into a day/week/month just to do it. Also choosing to take care of myself. Basically, Kondo-ing my agenda.

The WORDS I use: To be more thoughtful about¬†how I interact¬†with family, friends and co-workers. This means taking more time for reflection, too. I also hate (HATE!) texting but realize it’s a necessary evil and I need to get better about timely responses (i.e. use those cellular words more often).

The¬†MONEY I spend: Primarily, I mean this to be less ‘luxury/nice to have’ spending (e.g.: spending $4 on a kombucha that I love but is not necessary) and more¬†consideration of how/where I’m spending my money. Asking, ‘do I *really* need That Thing? Or would I rather save those dollars for a downpayment?’

Overall, I’m starting 2018 in a far more optimistic¬†and energized mindset that I’ve felt in a few years. I’m excited about the year ahead (even if our president is tweeting casually about nuclear war) and where this little, impactful word will take me.

Staying Home For the Holidays

In my last post, I wrote about how slowing down has been the theme of my winter months and I made no exception for the holiday season.

The last weeks of the year are always insanely busy at work – a heavy shopping season + end of year client budgets to spend + year end reviews = a whole lot to do in a few short weeks. I prioritized keeping my personal life and free time as stress-free and uncommitted as possible which helped me be more present in both sides of my life – personal and professional.

Miami Long Weekend //

The weekend before Christmas, Alex found ridiculously cheap flights to Miami and, with a couple of ‘use it or lose it’ PTO days left in the year, we spent a long, warm weekend in Florida, on the beach. We spent the entire time doing only what we wanted when we felt like it. So what if we took a nap on a Friday evening and woke up at 9p? We ordered fresh poke bowls to be delivered and ate dinner outside, next to the hotel pool. Throughout the weekend, we jogged along the beach trail to breakfast, read books by the beach, drank fresh OJ like it was going out of style and relished in the warm, sunny weather.

Miami Long Weekend //

And the holidays themselves? More of the same. After a chaotic year(s), taking the last 2 weeks of the year to chill out has been so luxurious and necessary. We did not travel or host friends for Christmas; it was just me and Alex and Philly (and a goofy goldendoodle pup we watched). We cooked together, spent mornings baking cinnamon rolls and poptarts, watched Christmas movies and took long walks around our neighborhood.

Workwise, I was one of the few at my office the week between Christmas and New Years which gave me a great opportunity to spend time thinking about how I want to approach the next months and year at work Рsomething I need to prioritize more of in 2018! And with slow work weeks, Alex and I did similar goal setting for our personal and financial lives. We talk about finances regularly but it feels so good to take the time to really check in with where we are, where we want to be and how to get there.

As we close out 2017, I’m so thankful for the experiences of the past year but man, am I glad we’re through it and finally to a more settled spot in our lives. Today, I’m looking forward to a¬†healthier, more intentional, more productive 2018. Wishing you a happy new year’s eve where ever this blog post finds you, too!

Slowing Down

It’s kind of amazing how a little bit of normalcy can make a significant difference in one’s quality of life.

Looking back, I knew the past 3 years were chaotic and frenzied and challenging. I knew it in the moment but also knew the only choice I had was to buckle down and forge ahead. Through multiple moves, through countless cross-country flights, through working remotely, through political upheaval and uncertainty, through living apart from my husband, through anxiety attacks, through moving back in together, through a summer of travel and visitors, forging ahead. Head down, moving forward.

Last summer, amidst temporarily¬†living¬†in Denver for a few months while my husband was in LA for an internship, I went to the doctor for a regular check up. When I asked a question about an abnormality, she asked me, ‘Are you under any more stress than usual?’ I recall responding with, ‘No, not particularly,’ thinking, ‘yeah,¬†life is a little crazy¬†right now but, overall, not really.’ WHAT?!

Looking back at that time, HOLY SHIT was it stressful. It’s¬†astounding to me that I couldn’t fully grasp that in the moment. Our friends and family cheered us on, told us they couldn’t imagine doing what we were doing. I knew what we were doing was unusual and definitely challenging but in that chapter, we did what we had to do and we didn’t think twice about it. But now? Today, I am not quite sure how I managed to do all of the things I did and not lose my marbles.

All of this to say, that now? Now, I¬†really feel good again. I have stopped consuming news 24-7 and have set boundaries as to when and how I check the news. I share a typical weekday schedule with my husband – we work normal hours and come home to each other every night. I wake up next to my husband on the weekend which always feels like the most exciting treat. We make plans to see our friends – for dinners, for beers, for bike rides, for concerts. We also spend a lot of time together, just us. After sharing so much of our time with other people these past few years, it’s really important to us to prioritize time just for us, to reconnect and just do the things that make us happy.

Petrefam //

I’ve made it a point to SLOW DOWN after so much HURRY UP. I’m closing my computer in the evenings after work and instead, picking up a book to read or a pencil to doodle. I’m crawling into bed early to sleep 7-8 hours most nights. I’m drinking less beer and more water. I’m prioritizing exercise and have even found a running partner in my husband; running¬†25-30 minutes with him are treasured minutes of my day. It all seems obvious and easy to make better-suited-for-me choices but clearly, it’s taken me a long time to get here. Better late than never!

All this to say that heading into this Thanksgiving week, I feel grateful and thankful for so much. For all of the past chaos and for the present normal. For the future adventures and future calm. For friends and family who supported us through the hard times. For a husband who believes in me and my aspirations, for a job I love, for compromise and growth. For slowing down.

Weekend Drives in Colorado

The past few weeks have been pretty perfect, weather wise, in Colorado. Crisp mornings with warm afternoons; the quintessential fall, if you ask me.

A few weekends ago, Alex and I headed west to Golden Gate Canyon on a Sunday, the day before the first October snow, to catch our last glimpses of alpine leaves. Unfortunately, most had already fallen on the trail we hiked but the drive in/out was stunning.

Then, when Alex’s parents visited last weekend, we gave them the full Colorado tour, driving from Denver to Buena Vista to Leadville Copper and back home on I-70. I didn’t think to record snippets till after I had delicious BV diner food in my belly so this is a taste of the back half of our drive.

I recorded these on my phone so they’re nothing to write home about but in thinking about inspiration and finding beauty and light in the world,¬†I’m posting here to preserve the memories.

Hope you’re enjoying a lovely fall wherever this post finds you, too!

Currently: Choosing Light and Love

My heart is heavy, as I’m sure yours is too, and has been much of the¬†year. The hits just keep coming, don’t they? No matter political affiliation, this year has been extra high on the suck factor. Weather events devastating homes and countries, mass shootings devastating lives of so many, sickness ravaging coworkers and coworker’s families, friends and family dealing with personal trials¬†and loss on a smaller but no less impactful scale. It’s far too easy to feel hopeless and really hard to stay hopeful.

I’ve been quiet on this space and social media because frankly, I don’t know the words to say. Nothing feels right. But I’m sad and frustrated and tired of feeling this way. Tired of feeling powerless to this chaos and hurt around me.

Last Monday, I came back to my One Little Word, Inspired. I chose this word because I knew going into 2017, I would feel challenged to remain positive and would need a mantra to remind me to see beauty in the world around me. Admittedly, it’s been super hard to find inspiration or even to keep the word top of mind.

But enough is enough. I’m choosing light and I’m choosing love. And I’m choosing to take care of myself.

I’m donating blood, calling my family to tell them I love them, sending snail mail to brighten a mailbox. I’m smiling and saying hello to colleagues who I don’t know or work closely with, I’m making sure those around me feel included and important. I’m trying to bring light and kindness to people around me because this world needs it and I am able.

I’m also limiting the duration and frequency with which I consume news. I allow myself 20-30 minutes of NPR and New York Times news podcasts in the morning on the bus and 15 minutes of my local NPR station on the way home. I’ve been tuning out of Facebook echo chambers and passionate rants and redirecting that time and energy elsewhere. Small changes to protect my emotional and mental well being; I’m working to stay informed while not letting it consume me,¬†as I have so often in recent months.

I don’t know where we do from here or what happens next but I’m going to make damn sure that while I still can, I share the goodness I know to be true in the world with those around me. Whether I’m granted a few more weeks or (hopefully) few more decades on this Earth, I want to leave a legacy of love and know I¬†did what I could to leave the community around me in a better way than I found it.