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Hi! I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my little corner of the internet!

Here, you’ll find stories of outdoor endeavors, adventures in (easy) recipes and snippets of life lived to the fullest.

I’m a late twenties gal who spent 6 years climbing mountains in Colorado and am currently residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I’m exploring the midwest terrain. I love backpacking, rock climbing and most things that can be done outside. Here in Pittsburgh, I’m learning about water sports and humid air adventures.

Through these┬ástories, I hope you find inspiration to get out, find an adventure and not take life too seriously. Unless you’re rock climbing; then take life seriously. Seriously.


*I used to blog at lgsmash for a number of years so you’ll find references and links to these older posts throughout this blog.

**It should go without saying but I am not a certified anything; just a girl sharing her stories.


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