Welcome to LynnePetre.com

Oh hey! Welcome to my new little space on the internet. Let’s chat about it.

You likely know me through my previous blog, lgsmash.com. I started lgsmash as a young 25 year old, facing major knee surgeries with not-yet-on-the-market options and not finding any real life stories about Osteochondritis Dessicans + the DeNovo NT procedure. I started lgsmash to chronicle that journey – from decision making, through surgery and recovery and then into my return to all things athletic and outdoors.

In recent years, lgsmash started to feel juvenile, like a favorite blanket you used to love and have since outgrown but aren’t quite ready to quit yet. When I started lgsmash on my 25th birthday, I was living in Denver on my own, dating a boy who lived across the country and was figuring out how adult life worked. Over the years, that blog saw me through 2 knee surgeries, an engagement and marriage to that long distance boyfriend, a name change, winter camping, mountaineering school, rock climbing and moving across the country. I’ve grown up a lot in that time and knew I wanted my online space to reflect this but I wasn’t quite ready to commit.

I purchased LynnePetre.com earlier this year and once I got my bearings in the midwest after our big move, I knew it was time in this season of transition and growth. So here we are!

I want to use this blog in a more focused, more visual way to share stories. Stories of outdoor and fitness adventures and gear I love as I navigate new terrain and trails. Of cooking and food because it turns out, with more time on my hands, I actually kind of like cooking food. And lastly, of life moments because we’re all on this crazy journey together, just trying to figure it out and sharing life stories connect us.

So I hope you’ll poke around and decide to stay. I’m really looking forward to connecting with you in this new space and not only sharing my stories, but hearing yours, too.

Cheers to new beginnings!

12 thoughts on “Welcome to LynnePetre.com

    1. thanks! out with the old, in with the new. i’m excited to have a new space that’s more thoughtful and clean-looking!

    1. Rebecca! Hi! Thanks for the kind comment! Hope things are well with you; if you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, let me know! Would love to grab coffee or a beer with ya!

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