oh hey there!

i’ve been thinking about this little space on the internet a lot recently. in an earlier chapter, i found such joy and fulfillment in this nook – a creative outlet, friendships, memory keeping. and then, i didn’t for a long time. i prioritized other aspects of life – growing and keeping a tiny human(now, humans) alive, navigating parenthood in a pandemic, focusing on work, trying to keep in touch with family and friends, reading books.

recently though, this dusty corner has been on my mind. as we (collectively) show no clear end in sight to the pandemic, as we (as a family) come up for air after baby 2 and returning to work, as we look ahead to a new year (my favorite!), i’m striving for more balance. more diversification. more ‘cup filling’ activities in my life.

what will that look like, i’m not entirely sure. but i know i miss writing things so i’m hoping to create time and space to bring it back into my life. (and of course, ‘hoping’ isn’t a recipe for success but right now, that’s where i’m at.)

so under the cover of night, a couple days before christmas, on the first night of 10 straight days of parenting with no breaks – i make my anti-climactic return. cheers to beginning again and prioritizing things that bring joy. sending love and healthy holiday vibes to whomever and wherever you are.

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