Snapshot: Day in the Life, October 2016

From time to time, I like to chronicle a day in my current moment of life. The past few years have been full of finite moments and big transitions so pausing to take inventory of what is happening in this chapter. This chapter is particularly unique.

This post captures a fairly regular Tuesday. I’ve been watching pups through (I miss Philly!) so on this morning, Gertie and I woke up early to walk around the neighborhood before breakfast (I’ve been spoiling myself with homemade breakfast tacos!), before biking to work.

Day in Life Oct 2016 //

Work consisted of internal meetings, client calls, emails and projects. I caught up with a friend over lunch and took a brief walk around downtown for some fresh air afterward. I headed home a bit early on my bike to let the dogs out for a potty break.

Day in Life Oct 2016 //

After feeding the dogs and grabbing myself a snack, I hopped in the car and headed back to work to watch a screening of the documentary, CODE, Debugging the Gender Gap. It was really interesting and, while I wish we were at a point in society where we didn’t have to have conversations or films about gender equality, I so appreciate that my company IS talking about it and promoting equality and diversity in tech, in the workplace, in the America.

Day in Life Oct 2016 //

After the film, Gertie and I went out for another brisk walk around the ‘hood before cranking out a few last emails and heading to bed. For the days that she stayed with me, my fuzzy pal Gertie snoozed right next to me like a giant, living teddy bear. It was the best.

And today, in this moment right now, my husband is traveling across the country to plant himself in Denver for 10 days and I can hardly contain my excitement – this will be the longest we’ve been together since May! It makes me so happy to know I get to have conversations in real life, share dinner and snuggle next to my favorite person every day for the next week and a half.

How’s life in this moment of your world?

3 thoughts on “Snapshot: Day in the Life, October 2016

  1. How was the coding documentary? Good enough to try get my company to invest in screening a hosting or was it just meh?? As a woman programmer I’m intrigued…

    1. I found it very thought provoking! We had 100-130 people who came to our office to watch it and then hosted a panel discussion afterward with female coders + our head of analytics (who is a woman) to talk about what we at Ibotta, in Denver, in the startup/tech community can be doing to bridge the gap.

      Our head of analytics spearheaded getting permission to screen the film and mentioned it was a bit of a process so just a heads up. But definitely worth it if there’s enough interest from the company/community!

      PS. Hi!! 🙂

  2. Life right now is pretty insane. We’re about to launch a pretty big new product in our app and I’m one of the product owners, so I’ve been working from 6AM-6PM pretty much every day, plus training for a race and working on house stuff. Hopefully this craziness will be over by the end of the year!

    Have fun with Alex! I loved seeing your “day in a life”…I must be really nebby (hope you learned that Pittsburgh word while you were here) because these always fascinate me!

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