Osteochondritis Dissecans, 4 Years Later – Update

A few weeks ago, I mentioned it had been 4 years since my last Osteochondritis Dissecans knee surgeries but that something felt a little wonky, to be technical, so my doctor recommended an MRI to see what was going on.

Turns out, good news!

At this point, the MRI does not show anything that my doctor thinks needs to be addressed right now. Everything is still intact and situated where it’s supposed to be which is a major relief.

Knowing the call could have gone in the very opposite direction, as has been the case so many times in the past, I did not even try to contain my excitement as my doctor in Denver relayed this to me over the phone last week; I fist pumped and let out a huge sigh of relief.

Mt Evans Run // lynnepetre.com

Outside of the initial moment in December and weeks immediately following, I’ve had very little interruption to my fitness life. I modified when I needed to but far and away, my knee has felt really good recently. I’ve managed to hit my long runs and have not had any knee pain during or after. I’ve continued to work out at OrangeTheory and play volleyball with my friends. I even went skiing twice! (I was just careful to not do anything too crazy.)

So I was cautiously optimistic that I would not need any medical course of action but, of course, I’m not a doctor so while I waited to hear back, I tried my best to have no expectations or opinion either way. Instead, I kept doing what I was doing. If it did turn out I needed to go under the knife again, I sure as heck was going to maximize (and appreciate!) my running and OrangeTheory classes in the meantime.

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I’m really excited to be officially greenlighted! I’d spent most of my winter dreaming up spring/summer/fall plans and surgery would have thrown a pretty miserable wrench in the mix. A wrench I am glad to dodge, this round!

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